10 Dec 2019

Tag: summer poem


Night Translucent and Vibrating 

Looking out the window, listening to the sounds and noises of the city, dreaming, seeing, feeling, missing are the things I like to do. Especially if it’s on a late-summer night when summer’s kissing goodbye and autumn knocks on the door. And busy, busy is the winter cold and snowy, wishing to cover all that lived and hoped with a mantle of white, impenetrable blanket, suffocating life.


Hearts Don’t Betray 

In the gloaming of the leaving June day, we tend to hold each other’s hands and promise and give holy words. Because it’s summer, because we are young and because the world seems ours for the taking. Everything is possible and achievable. Darkness hides away. But September comes and the rain with it… What’s a cold January night to a broken promise decaying in our heart? What’s the nipping wind of despair to a betrayal?


Summer Kiss 

We tend to express our feelings about summer once we’ve lost its burning presence. In autumn we mourn for its light and floridness because we see everything die. In winter, when death takes over, we have almost no summer memory left but that of a long and burning kiss.


Love Potion 

This short poem reflects the capture of a single moment when the sun is shining and caressing both body and soul. It makes us feel loved, blessed, kissed, immortal… are we not? And the only thing we can do is to drink this potion every day.