05 Jul 2020

Tag: promise


Don’t Promise 

In summer, promises come easily to one’s heart, and the nights seem so long and young. They smell of love and innocence. But when the winds start blowing and howling and the night shows its teeth, promises can break as easily as glass. And amidst the shards, we see the snow washing away with its white everything that reminded us of summer.


Looking For a Promise 

Our lives are driven by promises: big and small, full of hope or forlorn determination. We tend to be so obsessed with them that sometimes we could even ruin our lives. But what this world would look like if we weren’t holding on to what had been promised to us? To what we promise?


Hope is Not a Gift 

This poem explores the possibility that Hope is not granted or given by a transcendent power. What is hope other than a promise that all troubles and misfortune will go away so that light and happiness can replace them? And all promises are made by us and no one else.