15 Oct 2019

Tag: memory



How many things can summer nights give us? The whistle of the dark. Its music and quiet dance. The stars and the silent sky. But the dead are always there, they come and go, following our footsteps. And when we turn to see them -there is nothing, only the faint echo of goodbye.



Even if we don’t want to, we often linger in the past. These are dark times full of shadows and ghosts – of things that were, that could have happened or just lies. But if your heart is pure and honest, it could be your protection. The clouds disperse and you see the sun again.


Recall the Future 

Can we recall the future? Can we look forward to something that’s already in the past? Why not! The complexity of human nature has puzzled all sorts of men since time immemorial. What if the past and the future change places, and everything is upside down… anyway, the end is always near.