11 Jul 2020

Tag: lost poetry


Starless Sky 

I wrote this poem some years ago, in an attempt to answer, perhaps, the biggest question -“Why?” Consumed in our thoughts, dreams and daily battles, we often forget why we do something. What is waiting for us out there? What will happen should we achieve a goal? Will we be happy or we will find out that the end is nothing but a meaningless picture.



It isn’t necessary to be afraid of hell after death. Each and every one of us has been there already. Darkness during the sunniest of July days. Sadness among twittering bird and playing kids in the dirt. We all have been there – falling and falling with nothing to grab and stop.



How many things can summer nights give us? The whistle of the dark. Its music and quiet dance. The stars and the silent sky. But the dead are always there, they come and go, following our footsteps. And when we turn to see them -there is nothing, only the faint echo of goodbye.


I’ve Lost a Dream 

Not every day we can be strong and tenacious, knowing what lies ahead. When dreams are all we have, it’s hard to swallow even one of them being eaten and devoured by unfulfilled longings. Then it hurts, but the pain is temporary… as is life.


Turn To Stone 

A dark and mysterious poem leading the way to the depths of the human soul, where all fears lie askew hidden under centuries of dust and dirt. Everything is covered in oblivion, memories appear and disappear suddenly, unwelcome. And in the darkest room, our hearts face eternity, turning slowly into stones.


The Air I Breathe 

Despite the clear, fresh, mountainous air, we sometimes have difficulty breathing; we are poisoned and nothing can save us but a drop of antidote – a face. A face in the mirror of pasts, presents and futures. The face of our savior.