10 Dec 2019

Tag: essay writing


Over the Horizon 

People say that knowledge and armies mean power. But what if this knowledge is false? What if these armies are destroyed? There is only one power, and it is dreams. They cannot be stolen, destroyed or distorted. They are the path leading to the horizon, and even beyond. They are what makes us who we are.


When the World Starts 

If you are looking for a good Monday read or just want to kill some time, perhaps you’ve chosen the wrong thing to look at. In this essay expect nothing but brutal honesty and man-to-man revelations that might sour your coffee. Who was there when your world began crumbling down? Who will be the next time it happens? Read and you may find an answer.


A Dream or Two 

Could we stand the tests of life without being able to dream in the darkest of hours? Apparently not, according to the author, who tries to explore our unyielding belief that things will change for the better.


Clouds For Sale 

Have you ever tried to buy a cloud? Perhaps not, because even if you wanted, you wouldn’t be able to do so. Imagine they speak to you? Are they telling you about the Pacific and its endless waters or the South and its beaches covered with golden sands?