Once again I found myself staring at the blank page with a pen in my right hand. Once again I felt the urge to do something with the page and the pen. To make them dance, communicate, and why not fall in love with each other…

But I was not doing so because I had nothing else to do. Just right the opposite – I was jobless, and I was supposed to be looking for a job. I had my writing course going on and I had to study. But I was staring at the blank page instead.

Why, I asked myself. Why are you doing this and that? Why don’t you focus on your problems and find a solution? At least, that’s what “they”, the Internet gurus and other successful people, say. I couldn’t tell…

But as I started the internal dialogue with myself, I realized that I had been writing for minutes. I stared at the page once again. It wasn’t blank.

In an instant, I felt happy. I felt the bloodstream in my body, my pulse, my heartbeat. Damn it, I exclaimed, I’m alive. Alive! And suddenly I started to understand why I was staring at the blank page, with a pen in my right hand, instead of looking for a job. It’s simple, one cannot live without a dream or two.

August 2015

Image by https://pixabay.com