21 May 2019

Month: December 2017


Too Late 

A deep and sophisticated poem exploring the corruption and decay of human nature and the crumbling pillars of contemporary society. And when it looks as though there were no salvation, winds will start blowing, water will rise and sweep away the dirt. But does it matter when our hearts are devoid of life, dreams and hopes?


Mirror On the Wall 

What does the mirror on the wall show? A colorful soul? A beautiful face? Rich memories and hopeful dreams, or winters to come? This poem explores the depths of a young soul and leaves us with food for thought. Is it life that you see or death smiling hideously?


Winter’s Frozen Kiss 

Deep in my thoughts, I did not know where I was going. I could hear nothing but the wind and the soft snow underneath my shoes. When I stopped, I came to the realization that Home was not near. I kept on walking, what else could I have done?