11 Jul 2020

Month: January 2017


Winter Story 

In this poem, the author tries to imagine what winter would say about itself if it were a person. A highly difficult and risky endeavor but, at the end of the day, that’s what poetry is all about: pushing us to the limits of our senses.


Turn To Stone 

A dark and mysterious poem leading the way to the depths of the human soul, where all fears lie askew hidden under centuries of dust and dirt. Everything is covered in oblivion, memories appear and disappear suddenly, unwelcome. And in the darkest room, our hearts face eternity, turning slowly into stones.



Even if we don’t want to, we often linger in the past. These are dark times full of shadows and ghosts – of things that were, that could have happened or just lies. But if your heart is pure and honest, it could be your protection. The clouds disperse and you see the sun again.