Written by Dimcho Debelyanov, one of the greatest Bulgarian poets. He knew what emotion is, he lived in dark and light, he loved and hated. A real genius. You can check the original here


After my death comes birth that’s bright,

a soul with many faces and no form,

during the day I build with no break

and the night I destroy with no mercy.


When I summon days of humble light,

storms break above the dark sea,

and if a storm I seek, next to me

all wails and murmurs fade away.


Dawn that’s bathed in fire I long for,

though her rays leave me blind

In Spring I languish as if in autumn

In Autumn, I blossom as if in spring.


In times of no compassion and no end,

silently, one life unlived fades

and my call for home dies

scattered across the vast desert land.


Image by https://pixabay.com/