11 Apr 2021

Tag: summer


Summer Tale 

These lines will not drop the temperature nor will they blow the summer heat away. But perhaps they’ll help you sleep, dreaming of a glass of lemonade, cool breeze, soothing waves and azure horizon.


Hearts Don’t Betray 

In the gloaming of the leaving June day, we tend to hold each other’s hands and promise and give holy words. Because it’s summer, because we are young and because the world seems ours for the taking. Everything is possible and achievable. Darkness hides away. But September comes and the rain with it… What’s a cold January night to a broken promise decaying in our heart? What’s the nipping wind of despair to a betrayal?


Love Potion 

This short poem reflects the capture of a single moment when the sun is shining and caressing both body and soul. It makes us feel loved, blessed, kissed, immortal… are we not? And the only thing we can do is to drink this potion every day.


Sea Breeze 

At the end of August, summer is near its end. Who doesn’t love summer; with its endless nights and jolly days? Summers come and go, but the sea stays where it has been for thousands of years, and the breeze is always there to soothe one’s mind.


August, Rain, South 

On a hot summer day in August, the rain was coming. I loved this game between the sun, the clouds and the coming rain: as if they were little kids playing hide and seek. In the end, the game had to end… but the rain showed me the way south.