11 Apr 2021

Tag: poetry


Poetry Is Life 

Poetry is like bread – it needs flour and yeast. If you want to turn the words into something bigger, more palpable, divine, you need to use a special thing – emotions, real and ocean deep. This is what breathes life in a verse.


It Was Just a Dream 

Dreams could be a gate to another world: beautiful and sad, magical but simple, lovely yet scary. And as much as we realise dreams are just dreams and nothing more, we keep wanting to meet them in this world full of promises and beautiful illusions.


Black Kiss 

When writing this poem, I was thinking about the kiss between the ocean and the horizon when the sun goes down and darkness creeps out and engulfs everything.Then, at this moment, the water and the sky kiss each other until they become one entity – black and deep.


Turn To Stone 

A dark and mysterious poem leading the way to the depths of the human soul, where all fears lie askew hidden under centuries of dust and dirt. Everything is covered in oblivion, memories appear and disappear suddenly, unwelcome. And in the darkest room, our hearts face eternity, turning slowly into stones.



Even if we don’t want to, we often linger in the past. These are dark times full of shadows and ghosts – of things that were, that could have happened or just lies. But if your heart is pure and honest, it could be your protection. The clouds disperse and you see the sun again.


Words Unspoken 

Sometimes, especially in the cold and long winter nights, we would live somewhere between reality and fantasy, and nothing could ever tell them apart. Then we would remember faces we had never met, long for dreams we had never dreamt and recall words never spoken before.