11 Apr 2021

Tag: faith poem


I Have Been Waiting 

I wrote this poem in a moment of emotional numbness and exhaustion. In a desperate attempt to recharge my battery, I spoke. I spoke to all the things that can melt away the ice; that can be my July morning in the chilly night of March. I spoke.


Looking For a Promise 

Our lives are driven by promises: big and small, full of hope or forlorn determination. We tend to be so obsessed with them that sometimes we could even ruin our lives. But what this world would look like if we weren’t holding on to what had been promised to us? To what we promise?


I Know You Will 

Relationships are often too complicated to be described with a word or two; that’s why the author didn’t have much of a choice but to let the stream of words and emotions flow until it finally took a form. A sentence, a short and powerful message: I know you will!



Rain is not just a natural phenomenon, it’s something we all recognise and cherish: like a welcomed guest from whom we expect nothing but a warm and pure embrace. It is wanted, hoped for, and sometimes even scared of, yet we keep on loving its tender nature.


Paradise Or Hell 

Life is an extraordinary thing, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s paradise, sometimes it’s hell. Often it brings us joy and happiness beyond any words and lexis, but there are moments when we are alone in a pitch dark room with nothing else but memories.