16 Jan 2021

Tag: dream


A Song for Time 

Time is a complicated thing and our relationship with it even more so. It’s everywhere and nowhere to be seen at the same time. And sometimes we get frustrated by it to such a degree that we just want to get rid of it… as much as it does with our hopes and dreams.


I’ve Lost a Dream 

Not every day we can be strong and tenacious, knowing what lies ahead. When dreams are all we have, it’s hard to swallow even one of them being eaten and devoured by unfulfilled longings. Then it hurts, but the pain is temporary… as is life.


It Was Just a Dream 

Dreams could be a gate to another world: beautiful and sad, magical but simple, lovely yet scary. And as much as we realise dreams are just dreams and nothing more, we keep wanting to meet them in this world full of promises and beautiful illusions.


Ship of Dreams 

Though we are aboard a ship sailing to the unknown, looking at our past, feeling the cold northern wind, we know that this ship carries also our dreams, longings and hopes for a future bright. Maybe it goes as south as south goes…


Learn To Fly 

This poem explores human nature and its constant impetus to express itself as freely as possible. Have you ever wished to be a bird? A mighty eagle flying in the distance? Perhaps you have. Remember: no one can take away your wings, only you can!