Oh my dear friend, forgive me,

I won’t stay for long.

It’s not that I am hurt or anything,

I’m aware I don’t belong.


Oh, how time just flew so fast.

Never in my life have I believed,

we were not meant to last.

And I loved you so, so much.

That is why you broke my heart

with just a mere touch.


We were foolish, little kids,

believing we could change,

and yet remain the same.

Because our friendship

always felt so true.

How could we have known,

that you cannot begin anew?


Now I don’t recognize you,

it’s as if I see a ghost.

You haunt me in my dreams,

your face so vivid, so serene.


You’re my torture, you’re my curse,

I cannot stand that there’s no you and me, no us.

Just go, and don’t come back,

because it’s not the miles that part us.

It’s the distance in our eyes…


Image by pixabay