To touch I am reaching out my hand,

this wild, eternal dance to understand.

My head is being enchanted, fascinating!,

and my eyes are gently, slowly fading.


Sitting on the sands within the softness,

the dunes around me whispering a song.

Long, quiet and endless such as happiness,

and my soul wants to last forever, lifelong!


Lapping ahead – dreaming.

Perfume is gently spreading,

I’m breathing but I can’t breathe;

The aroma is there but I can’t reach.


My eyes – closed I want them be,

My ears – listening to the breeze again –

to see, feel and speak – all is free,

to bind fast my soul with a chain.


Grab me and never let me go, listen –

my voice, this is shout though I whisper!

With seashells and sand you dress me

to touch the waves and the sea to bless me.


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