Morning jolly and the rays of sun

which knows no rest nor break

touched my cheeks and filled the heart

with warmth and joy, my birthday.


My eyes danced half-open

with the sky dressed in lapis-lazuli

Was this tango or an intimate embrace?

Kiss on the neck, whispered love?


My eyes looked and my ears waited

for the phone, cold and icy, to ring

to see your name on the screen

Early… too early, let ’em clouds play.


Noon has come. Silence wretched.

Birds twitter, sing. The phone looks away

No ringing, hope is leaving.

Early, there’s still time, it’s August.


The sun is waving purplish goodbye

My hand rises and salutes the horizon

Fingers follow my nose and lips.

The phone is motionless.

You never called. You’ll never call.


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