The beginning of spring that’s green

yellow, pink and the skies are blue,

where birds are twirling, dancing

and the air breathes with lust

aromas, sounds and blossoms lush

When life says goodbye to death

and the night bows to the day.

When summer lurks behind a veil

of gentle, distant, purplish clouds.

And the lanes of mountain cold

are warm and motherly calm.

Hear, the soft and long forgotten

tongue of birches, pines and firs.


The beginning of spring and birth

of life, I sit near bubbling brook

but cannot hear this noisy silence.

My eyes see the golden sands

not the leaves nor the brown

of the trees that stand sentry.

My nose smells the salty air,

cries of gulls pierce my ear.

And my mind is flying there

bathing in the rain of freedom.