01 Apr 2020

Starless Sky 

I wrote this poem some years ago, in an attempt to answer, perhaps, the biggest question -“Why?” Consumed in our thoughts, dreams and daily battles, we often forget why we do something. What is waiting for us out there? What will happen should we achieve a goal? Will we be happy or we will find out that the end is nothing but a meaningless picture.

Translated Works

A Song of Sorrow 

“A Song of Sorrow” is a dark poem written by one of the greatest and most gentle Bulgarian poets – Dimcho Debelaynov. It was discovered after his untimely death at the age of 29, and was published. We can only imagine what he could have left us if he had lived a little longer. No matter how young he died, his poems will live forever.


I Refuse To Be Like Them 

We live in a society full of moral and spiritual corruption. A society in which yes’s are no’s and smiles are a predator’s intention to bite, kill and eat its prey. This doesn’t mean we have to accept it, and we will not. Admit to your weaknesses, embrace them and fear not. As long as you breathe, there is still hope.


Too Late 

A deep and sophisticated poem exploring the corruption and decay of human nature and the crumbling pillars of contemporary society. And when it looks as though there were no salvation, winds will start blowing, water will rise and sweep away the dirt. But does it matter when our hearts are devoid of life, dreams and hopes?