There is something out there, a Sign, a Word, a Lake whose waters are bluer than the sky in September; whose waves are washing the anger, anxiety and all troubles away like a summer breeze. I wish I could describe it. I wish I could put on paper the sublime feel of its evergreen presence. I couldn’t even tell you its name, so hard is to describe the things that don’t belong to this world. Even impossible.

But that’s what makes it even more attractive and appealing: it being out of this world, far, distant, remote and unearthly. Yet so close and natural as if we were all born in Space and dragged down to Earth against our wills. We are unable to touch it, hold it and control it; yet we are so attached to it, like a baby to its mother. We call it many ways –  God, mother Nature, Hope, and none of them is convenient enough.

Don’t assume I’m trying to force you to believe in some sort of God I have invented. Nor I’m trying to convince you of the existence of any God or supernatural power, so to speak. All I want to achieve is to drag your attention to a fascinating aspect of life and make you think about it. There is something out there, and it exists within our reality: it’s up to us whether we let it enrich our lives or frighten our hearts with the depths of its unyielding unwillingness to become part of this world.

We have a choice. To enjoy the last light of the dying day full of expectations for the days to come, or shiver with uncertainty in the face of the coming night. We can listen to the birds and the trees until we finally start to hear, or we can pretend that we’re not designed to understand them, blinded by our feeling of superiority. We can dance with the wind or hide from it behind walls.

We can do so many things. Instead, we focus on the things we can’t or even worse – we think about the potential consequences of the things we could and we would do. We are depriving ourselves of the very foundations of our nature: dreaming of a better Me, world and future. And here comes this transcendent presence, this thing that fills us with harmony and joy, yet scary and unknown. It makes us humans in the moments we are no longer such; it breathes instead of us when our lungs are no longer able to inhale; it makes us forgive when our hearts seek out vengeance.

It’s like a mother to us all, but one that we’ve already buried: we keep on holding to the things she taught us, we thank her every day, we miss her, but she’s gone to another place. A place we would soon discover, because it is out there, waiting for us, open to interpretation yet full of beauty and meaning.

01 October 2016

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