29 May 2020

Category: Translated Works

Translated Works

A Song of Sorrow 

“A Song of Sorrow” is a dark poem written by one of the greatest and most gentle Bulgarian poets – Dimcho Debelaynov. It was discovered after his untimely death at the age of 29, and was published. We can only imagine what he could have left us if he had lived a little longer. No matter how young he died, his poems will live forever.

Translated Works

Black Song 

Dimcho Debelyanov is a genius Bulgarian poet and author. He wrote one of the most emblematic poems in Bulgarian literature. His amazing talent perished in World War I when he was just 29. Some people compare him to the greats in English literature, which is why I tried to translate one of his works into English. I hope I have managed to achieve this. Enjoy!