08 Jul 2020

Author: Georgi Karlovski


The Air I Breathe 

Despite the clear, fresh, mountainous air, we sometimes have difficulty breathing; we are poisoned and nothing can save us but a drop of antidote – a face. A face in the mirror of pasts, presents and futures. The face of our savior.


Life Without a Star 

The big cities are crowded, noisy and feverish, and often make us feel suffocating. In the moments of doubt and low spirits, we would see the city as a concrete cell of which there is no escape. We would even forget that the sky is full of stars, beautiful and free as we all wish to be.


Storms of Injustice 

The wind is howling, yet we can hear a call coming from those who are weak. We can do something, we can change. Haven’t we done it before? Even if one of us, only one, carries the Hope within, there is still a chance that we can put an end and calm these mighty storms of injustice.


Recall the Future 

Can we recall the future? Can we look forward to something that’s already in the past? Why not! The complexity of human nature has puzzled all sorts of men since time immemorial. What if the past and the future change places, and everything is upside down… anyway, the end is always near.


Looking For a Promise 

Our lives are driven by promises: big and small, full of hope or forlorn determination. We tend to be so obsessed with them that sometimes we could even ruin our lives. But what this world would look like if we weren’t holding on to what had been promised to us? To what we promise?


I Know You Will 

Relationships are often too complicated to be described with a word or two; that’s why the author didn’t have much of a choice but to let the stream of words and emotions flow until it finally took a form. A sentence, a short and powerful message: I know you will!



We often find ourselves trapped in this world as if against our will; we search for warmth, meaning and self-fulfillment, instead we receive ignorance, deception and lack of understanding. That’s when we start to realize how terribly lost we are…


Love Makes Us What We Are 

This poem explores the dual nature of Love; it kills us and at the same time it makes us who we are – brave, childish, innocent, happy and waiting… waiting for a kiss under the summer shades or a game of hide-and-seek during the long and merry nights of our childhood.


Something Out There 

“And here comes this transcendent presence, this thing that fills us with harmony and joy, yet scary and unknown. It makes us humans in the moments we are no longer such; it breathes instead of us when our lungs are no longer able to inhale; it makes us forgive when our hearts seek out vengeance.”