08 Jul 2020

Author: Georgi Karlovski


Too Late 

A deep and sophisticated poem exploring the corruption and decay of human nature and the crumbling pillars of contemporary society. And when it looks as though there were no salvation, winds will start blowing, water will rise and sweep away the dirt. But does it matter when our hearts are devoid of life, dreams and hopes?


Over the Horizon 

People say that knowledge and armies mean power. But what if this knowledge is false? What if these armies are destroyed? There is only one power, and it is dreams. They cannot be stolen, destroyed or distorted. They are the path leading to the horizon, and even beyond. They are what makes us who we are.



How many things can summer nights give us? The whistle of the dark. Its music and quiet dance. The stars and the silent sky. But the dead are always there, they come and go, following our footsteps. And when we turn to see them -there is nothing, only the faint echo of goodbye.


Give Me a Beer 

Sober or drunk, does it matter when the world is gray and no love is free; it has to be earned. Can we escape dreaming of paradise and fearing hell? Or just order one more beer which can lead our minds to somewhere safe, somewhere green and sunny. A place where love is the air we breathe.


A Song for Time 

Time is a complicated thing and our relationship with it even more so. It’s everywhere and nowhere to be seen at the same time. And sometimes we get frustrated by it to such a degree that we just want to get rid of it… as much as it does with our hopes and dreams.