11 Apr 2021


It’s been a long time since we, Karlovski’s two founders – Dimitar and Georgi, started dreaming of an online-based platform dedicated to the written word. It actually took us many years, and many a sleepless night, to finally come up with a clear vision as to what this platform was going to look like and what purposes it was going to serve.


Why we chose the written word? Quite frankly, it’s a rather long and boring story but the essence is: we firmly believe that the written word can change our lives for the better. And it feels damn good! In addition to that, our love for languages must have had a crucial role.


So, here we are. We’ve met, we’ve shaken hands. Now is the time for us to make a promise: we’ll always be trying to write on a wide range of topics; we will experiment and test our limits; we will try to excel and improve; we will invite other people to share their stories with us and the world; we will stay true to our values.


Are you ready? Take our hand and let’s explore. Let’s look up at the sky and leave the stars guide our way.


Dimitar & Georgi

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