11 Apr 2021

Month: March 2017


Waiting For You 

A phone ringing… a knock on the door… a glance… a gentle, unintentional touch. This is what love sometimes is – so tiny, so invisible, yet strong and overwhelming, perhaps of its being so distant and confusing. Of its never coming. But we keep on waiting and waiting – one more minute, two… a thousand years.


I Have Been Waiting 

I wrote this poem in a moment of emotional numbness and exhaustion. In a desperate attempt to recharge my battery, I spoke. I spoke to all the things that can melt away the ice; that can be my July morning in the chilly night of March. I spoke.


Poetry Is Life 

Poetry is like bread – it needs flour and yeast. If you want to turn the words into something bigger, more palpable, divine, you need to use a special thing – emotions, real and ocean deep. This is what breathes life in a verse.