11 Apr 2021

Month: February 2017


I’ve Lost a Dream 

Not every day we can be strong and tenacious, knowing what lies ahead. When dreams are all we have, it’s hard to swallow even one of them being eaten and devoured by unfulfilled longings. Then it hurts, but the pain is temporary… as is life.


It Was Just a Dream 

Dreams could be a gate to another world: beautiful and sad, magical but simple, lovely yet scary. And as much as we realise dreams are just dreams and nothing more, we keep wanting to meet them in this world full of promises and beautiful illusions.



Seasons come and go, winters follow summers, and the sun dies to be reborn again. The cycle of nature is inevitable and unyielding to human conduct, and perhaps this is the reason why we find it so appealing. But oftentimes we’d like to see it broken down to pieces, so that memory could no longer tear us apart.


Black Kiss 

When writing this poem, I was thinking about the kiss between the ocean and the horizon when the sun goes down and darkness creeps out and engulfs everything.Then, at this moment, the water and the sky kiss each other until they become one entity – black and deep.