11 Apr 2021

Month: November 2016


The Air I Breathe 

Despite the clear, fresh, mountainous air, we sometimes have difficulty breathing; we are poisoned and nothing can save us but a drop of antidote – a face. A face in the mirror of pasts, presents and futures. The face of our savior.


Life Without a Star 

The big cities are crowded, noisy and feverish, and often make us feel suffocating. In the moments of doubt and low spirits, we would see the city as a concrete cell of which there is no escape. We would even forget that the sky is full of stars, beautiful and free as we all wish to be.


Autumn Mists 

There are days and days: some we never remember, others we never forget. And often in the mists of autumn, we take out these hidden treasures, these days of sunny pleasure, days of glory and dandelion wine, when we dreamt and roamed the skies. When nothing was impossible and we could outrun the winds. Let’s remember.


Storms of Injustice 

The wind is howling, yet we can hear a call coming from those who are weak. We can do something, we can change. Haven’t we done it before? Even if one of us, only one, carries the Hope within, there is still a chance that we can put an end and calm these mighty storms of injustice.


Recall the Future 

Can we recall the future? Can we look forward to something that’s already in the past? Why not! The complexity of human nature has puzzled all sorts of men since time immemorial. What if the past and the future change places, and everything is upside down… anyway, the end is always near.


When the World Starts 

If you are looking for a good Monday read or just want to kill some time, perhaps you’ve chosen the wrong thing to look at. In this essay expect nothing but brutal honesty and man-to-man revelations that might sour your coffee. Who was there when your world began crumbling down? Who will be the next time it happens? Read and you may find an answer.