11 Apr 2021

Month: September 2016



Rain is not just a natural phenomenon, it’s something we all recognise and cherish: like a welcomed guest from whom we expect nothing but a warm and pure embrace. It is wanted, hoped for, and sometimes even scared of, yet we keep on loving its tender nature.


Summer Kiss 

We tend to express our feelings about summer once we’ve lost its burning presence. In autumn we mourn for its light and floridness because we see everything die. In winter, when death takes over, we have almost no summer memory left but that of a long and burning kiss.


Hope is Not a Gift 

This poem explores the possibility that Hope is not granted or given by a transcendent power. What is hope other than a promise that all troubles and misfortune will go away so that light and happiness can replace them? And all promises are made by us and no one else.


Love Potion 

This short poem reflects the capture of a single moment when the sun is shining and caressing both body and soul. It makes us feel loved, blessed, kissed, immortal… are we not? And the only thing we can do is to drink this potion every day.


Shed a Tear 

It is not shameful to admit to crying, especially if one is aware of the pains and sufferings of the human heart. And as much as they might indicate a deep sorrow, tears can also give us relief and make us feel stronger.



In every single one of us, there is a rebellious streak: to dance, to sing, to do what we want without being told what to do. Lack of understanding can only fuel the burning desire and wish to gaze at the sky, and see a beautiful tapestry of dark and stars.