11 Apr 2021

Month: August 2016


A Friend Is Leaving 

The last day of August! Another friend is leaving… this is a heartfelt poem about friendship and how one feels when those at our side slip away, leave, and maybe, we never see again. But we hope that they will keep a memory of us and come back one day.


Clouds For Sale 

Have you ever tried to buy a cloud? Perhaps not, because even if you wanted, you wouldn’t be able to do so. Imagine they speak to you? Are they telling you about the Pacific and its endless waters or the South and its beaches covered with golden sands?


Sea Breeze 

At the end of August, summer is near its end. Who doesn’t love summer; with its endless nights and jolly days? Summers come and go, but the sea stays where it has been for thousands of years, and the breeze is always there to soothe one’s mind.


Dirty Window 

There are things in life that shine even in the darkest of nights, glimmer beneath the thickest of dirt and speak to us from the farthest of distance. Remembering our childhood is one of them and nothing can prevent its light from shining through. Even a dirty window.


Ship of Dreams 

Though we are aboard a ship sailing to the unknown, looking at our past, feeling the cold northern wind, we know that this ship carries also our dreams, longings and hopes for a future bright. Maybe it goes as south as south goes…


Paradise Or Hell 

Life is an extraordinary thing, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s paradise, sometimes it’s hell. Often it brings us joy and happiness beyond any words and lexis, but there are moments when we are alone in a pitch dark room with nothing else but memories.


Learn To Fly 

This poem explores human nature and its constant impetus to express itself as freely as possible. Have you ever wished to be a bird? A mighty eagle flying in the distance? Perhaps you have. Remember: no one can take away your wings, only you can!